Protests in Lybia Halt Exports at Zueitina Oil Port

By Finance

Libya's eastern port of Zueitina was blocked by protesters halting oil exports. People have demands for their jobs.
Yesterday evening protesters forced their way into the port some time after Zueitina Oil Company workers had temporarily stopped the production after a strike.

Earlier this year civilian protesters shut down the terminal for weeks demanding jobs. After days of negotiations an agreement was reached for the creation of new jobs.

Some of the people on the protests announced:
"We are protesting because we have yet to be employed, despite the agreement reached. We will stay here until our demands are achieved. The terminal is working but export operations have been halted."

The group of people was not halting the pumping of gas from Zueitina fields. Up until a few days ago, a workers' protest had made shortages of gas supply to power stations.

A man working at Zueitina port informed that the people halting the working process allowed 1 Italy bound vessel to load oil.

"The ship was fully loaded by midday today. They refused any other ship to be loaded and it will probably continue like this," he said by phone, declining to be named.

"The port is still receiving oil from the fields although some are pumping water as precautionary measure."

Zueitina port has the capacity to handle near 20% of the country's oil exports.