APL, ANL and Hanjin Shipping in Collaboration on new intra-Asia service

By Curious

APL, ANL and Hanjin Shipping have collaborated to provide a weekly service, which covers Asia, Australia and New Zealand named AAZ (Asia, Australia, New Zealand) from 1st of September, 2013 to enable fast transits from New Zealand to major southeast ports in Asia.

It is going to operate through a ship sharing agreement, with the 3 mega partners, each contributing 2 vessels and allocating a combined capacity of up to 2,200 TEU for every weekly sailing.

The port rotation of the loop is going to be: Singapore, Port Klang, Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland, Tauranga, Brisbane and back to Singapore.

The new triple service is also going to support weekly calls and fast transits via Port Klang and Singapore among New Zealand and Brisbane and calls from southeast Asia to Brisbane and Sydney.

The new weekly service is also going to secure more competitive options to shippers moving dry and reefer cargo among the ports of New Zealand, Australia and Asia; particularly New Zealand reefer exports destined for key Asian markets," VSA partners told in a joint statement.

The service is going to commence its 1st southbound sailing from Singapore on 1st of September, 2013 and its 1st northbound sailing from Auckland on 24th of September.