Does it sound familiar? Container caused fire onboard Hansa Brandenburg, crew members rescued

By Accidents

 On Monday, 15th of July whilst sailing from Singapore to Durban, one of the onboard containers on Hansa Brandenburg caught fire about 200 n.m. northeast of Mauritius.

Instantly after the accident onboard the crew members of the ship Hansa Brandenburg alerted the maritime officials. Crew members of the Hansa Brandenburg couldn't manage to extinguish the fire on the ship and could fortunately be safely rescued by the attending vessel Hansa Brandenburg.

Ship management Company, Leonhardt & Blumberg, report that all 17 crew members of her container vessel Hansa Brandenburg have safely arrived in Port Louis, Mauritius onboard of MV Donau Trader cargo ship.

Leonhardt & Blumberg are very happy for that their valued crew members have come through the ordeal unharmed and would like to express their sincere thanks to the whole crew of damaged Hansa Brandenburg.

Representatives of the company owner - Leonhardt & Blumberg are due to arrive in Port Louis  to attend to the crew members.

Hansa Brandenburg damaged vessel is currently adrift some 200 n.m northeast of Mauritius still suffering from the fire onboard.

Meanwhile the Mauritian Marine Officials and National Coast Guard are observing the situation and coordinating any further action to mitigate any potential damage to the environment. The exact cause of the fire onboard Hansa Brandenburg is yet unknown. A full investigation is going to be conducted.