Pirates attack chemical tanker off Togo

By Vessels

Pirates attacked the chemical tanker MT Ocean Centurion planning to take all valuables. The incident occurred off Togo and some of the crew members were injured. Maritime agency and the local authorities informed that the piracy is a threat for the shipping in West African waters.

Gulf of Guinea oil, cocoa and metals rich region, including the countries Nigeria, Togo, Ghana and Ivory Coast is not so protected by anti-piracy missions unlike other regions for example.

The pirates have used speedboats to board the MT Ocean Centurion tanker (flag Marshall Islands) near 5 nautical miles southeast of Togo's coastal capital Lome, took all money and possessions and left the vessel.

Local authorities have sent a naval patrol after a distress call following the attack. The chemical tanker is safe and escorted to the port of Lome.

The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) made an announcement about the incident not revealing the name of the vessel:
"On July 16, the robbers took two crew members and disembarked from the tanker with the rescue boat, taking along ship's cash, crew cash and personal belongings". "The crew were released later. Three crew members were injured during the incident."