2 Missing, 2 Dead in Fatal Ukraine-Russia Collision at Sea

By Accidents

Foreign Ministry of Ukraine has summoned the acting Russian delegate over a fatal collision of Russian and Ukrainian ships in the Sea of Azov, stated the foreign ministry on Thursday.

A Russian Coast Guard vessel and a Ukrainian fishing boat collided in the Sea of Azov Wednesday evening, statements issued by Russian and Ukrainian maritime officials say.

Of the 5 people reportedly onboard the fishing boat, 1 was rescued, 2 are missing, and 2 died, the Ukrainian police service stated on Thursday.

The Ukrainian fishing vessel had strayed out of Ukrainian waters and was in Russian coastal waters when the accident occurred with a Russian border service ship and sank, Ukrainian officials reported.

Spokesman for the Russian Coast Guard vessel told in a press release that the Russian ship was giving chase, guiding the Ukrainian fishing vessel out of a “closed zone” when the Ukrainian boat made a sudden change of course, turned toward the pursuing Russian border patrol, collided with it and eventually sank.

The foreign ministry of Ukraine issued a press release expressing concern over the Russian actions, labeling them “disproportionate” and summoned the Russian representation to the country over the collision.

Grigory Karasin, who is Russian Deputy Foreign Minister told in a telephone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart, Ruslan Demchenko, that Russia and Ukraine would jointly investigate the unfortunate accident.

Grigory Karasin added that the border services of both countries were currently taking measures to avert such accidents in the future.