Panama authorities find MiG fighter jets on North Korean ship

By Vessels

Investigations of cargo of a seized North Korean vessel (Chong Chon Gang) transporting arms from Cuba have discovered 2 MiG-21 fighter jets and missile radar systems. The 2 air crafts were designed by the Soviet Union in the late 1950s. The ship current location is the Atlantic port of Colon.

There was on board also cables and electrical equipment, inspectors of the cargo had feared that the containers might contain explosive materials, none was found.

Cuba responded that the cargo had a range of "obsolete" arms being sent to North Korea for repair. The U.N. Security Council made the inspection because of the embargo on North Korea for its nuclear and ballistic missile program.

Javier Caraballo, Panama's top anti-drugs prosecutor declared that the 2 fighter jets gave off an odor of gasoline, showing that they had likely been operational recently. The ship is long 155 meters and all of the cargo is unloaded. The interesting in the whole story was that the weapons were hidden under sacks of sugar. Cuba had informed Panama that the cargo was donation to the people of North Korea.

North Korea asked Panama to release the seized vessel.