4 dead, 157 rescued after asylum boat Sank

By Accidents

At least 4 are the victims and 157 were rescued after a boat, which was carrying Australia-bound asylum-seekers sank, amid ongoing debate over new policy. The exact number of the missing people is still unclear.

The vessel sank off the island of Java in Indonesia, the transit point for people-smugglers.

In the meantime, the Minister of Immigration of Australia stated that he would investigate abuse claims at the country’s offshore processing centre in Papua New Guinea.

According to the announcement of the Australia's Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, a new asylum policy last week, ahead of polls expected to be announced soon.

Under the asylum policy, asylum-seekers that arrive by vessel in Australia are going to be sent to Papua New Guinea for processing, and those whose refugee claims are upheld are going to be settled in Papua New Guinea, rather than Australia.

At least 2 kids are between the found 4 victims. More people are feared missing but Australian authorities still don't know what the exact number of people who were onboard the sunken vessel is.

At first, fishermen spotted the asylum seekers – men, women and kids, who were swimming to the shore near the West Java town of Cidaun on Tuesday evening.