VIDEO of vessel sinking after Hitting Rocks with 30 people onboard

By Accidents

According to the latest information 23 teenagers and 7 adult crew members have been safely rescued after a tall vessel struck rocks off the Irish coast.

The Astrid tall ship that takes groups of aspiring sailors on training sailings all over the world, lost power in its engine, leaving all the crew members helpless to save it from being tossed onto the rocky shoreline.

Life boats scrambled from across Co Cork and arrived within thirty minutes to assist the twenty-three teenagers and seven crew members.

Two Irish Coast Guard helicopters were also dispatched to the place of accident in response to the distress call.

The struck Astrid ship was 1 of 50 ships taking part in a flotilla-style 5-mile journey from Oysterhaven to Kinsale as part of Ireland's 2013 Gathering initiative.

As it began to sink around 12 p.m., the crew members assembled on deck to await rescue.

Eighteen of the crew members were saved and transported back to Kinsale harbour in another ship taking part in the event - the Spirit of Oysterhaven, with the remainder being ferried to land in a lifeboat.

All of the crew members of Astrid were medically assisted at Kinsale Yacht Club and none required hospital treatment.

The trainees onboard the struck ship Astrid came from Ireland, England, the Netherlands, Spain, France and Belgium.

Ineke de Kam owns the vessel with her husband Pieter, 62-years-old. He was captaining the ship during the accident.

"I talked with him on the phone and he is okay," she stated.

"All the passengers and crew members who were onboard are safe and it's very important.

"But, everything is lost. We still can not believe it.

Built in the Netherlands in 1918 as a cargo vessel, Astrid was transferred into Swedish ownership and worked Baltic sea trade routes until 1975.

After another sale the struck vessel was alleged to have fallen into the hands of drug smugglers.

She was found forsaken and burnt to a shell off the coast of England in the early 1980s. A salvage operation saved her then and she was later transformed into a training ship for youths.

Mr and Mrs de Kam bought the vessel almost 7 years ago.