Hidden food lead to Cruise Vessel Fail CDC Inspection

By Cruise

A team of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found food and trolleys hidden from them in cabins of some crew members when they inspected the cruise ship Silver Shadow.

The accident resulted in the vessel receiving an unsatisfactory score from the CDC Ship Sanitation Program team.

According to the government report, CDC inspectors boarded the cruise ship Silver Shadow during an unannounced inspection in June and found a number of violations, which included an organized effort to hide over 15 full trolleys of cooked meals, milk, pasteurized eggs, raw meats, cheeses of all types, raw fruits, baking goods, raw vegetables, as well as pans, dishware and utensils in cabins of some crew members trying to avoid inspection by VSP staff.

Silversea Cruises subsequently released a statement in the press, with extracts as follows:

"At Silversea Cruises we are proud on providing the best quality services to our passengers. Since the initial report was given to us, a complete investigation has been carried out into the circumstances that led to this unsatisfactory result and a number of steps have been taken to assure that the high standards of food hygiene, in particular, are of the highest order. The other problems mentioned in the government report have been rigorously dealt with as well.

According to the our own investigation we conducted the involvement of an external sanitation consultant traveling onboard the cruise ship Silver Shadow and our own managers that work through every aspect of the USPHS report to assure full compliance.

The unannounced inspection on 17th of June, 2013 happened at the end of the breakfast period where pots, pans and utensils were on working stations and items to return to the galleys were on trolleys as were stores from the fridges ready for use.

It's clear that when the galley personnel heard that CDC inspectors were onboard Silver Shadow, instead of continuing their work in the understanding that they were in the middle of a meal service, they tried to promptly remove all trolleys and any items that were not in the fridges and placed them in crew members' cabins out of the way. It goes without saying that such practices are against company policy and must not have occurred.

We also want to make clear that following the CDC inspection of Silver Shadow, all food found in the crew members' cabins was destroyed and under no circumstances was improperly stored food served to any passengers."