New Italo-Russian Cooperation - Shipbuilding Research

By Finance

 Fincantieri and the Krylov State Research Centre of Russia have concluded an agreement with the intention of developing new projects for technological innovation within the maritime industry.

The two sides agreed to cooperate for five-year term, ensuring that a series of initiatives will be undertaken in the partners' respective areas of operation, plus joint research and development activities, the development of new generation products and the provision of services.

The agreement will give the chance for Fincatieri to make technological progress and this will be an important achievement in strategic terms. They will also benefit from the Krylov Centre’s unique research & design knowledge of high-tech vessels and offshore engineering structures.

What Krylov will take from this relationship?
The Russian research centre will have access to large technological and manufacturing know-how gained in the construction and marketing of highly complex vessels.

Giuseppe Bono, Fincantieri CEO said:
"We consider the agreement with the Krylov Centre, internationally recognized as the most authoritative centre in the field of shipbuilding research, to be strategically important. We have always maintained that technological innovation, an unparalleled driver of development, is essential for dealing with a devastating crisis, like the current one that has changed the global scenario. The partnership with our Russian friends can only help us to progress in this direction, allowing us to improve still further and consolidate the excellence and leadership achieved".