USCG requests a Cargo Vessel to Rescue Family in Pacific Ocean

By Accidents
A NYK-operated wood-chip cargo ship MV Forest Venus rescued a distressed family of 5 adrift in the Pacific Ocean on 21st of July, 2013.

The cargo vessel Forest Venus had departed from the port of Hachinohe in Aomori prefecture on 7th of July, 2013 for San Antonio, Chile. While the cargo ship was sailing on 20th of July, the USCG, which is based in Hawaii, phoned the ship requesting them to rescue a family stranded after their vessel had stalled.

The MV Forest Venus cargo vessel (see the photo below) instantly maneuvered toward the distressed vessel, arrived on the scene and rescued all the 5 in trouble, including a kid and a baby at around 8:10 am. the following morning. The rescued people are in good health condition and they are going to disembark from the cargo ship Forest Venus in San Antonio at the beginning of August.