Hansa Brandenburg Fire Update: Accident Investigations Thwarted

By Accidents
Another fire on a container vessel will have given fresh push to demands for some answers, but waiting for the metaphorical smoke to clear could take a long time.

The investigators of the incident hope to find out the cause of the blaze on the Liberian-flag Hansa Brandenburg, which was abandoned by its crew members last week after a fire is reported to have broken out in a container on deck, may have to wait until salvors have finished their work and the container vessel Hansa Brandenburg is allowed into a port.

A detailed report into a similar accident in July last year on the container ship MSC Flaminia sailing under German flag is still awaited. According to the statement of an interim report last month Germany's Federal Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation (BSU) it had been forced to suspend the publication date of the full report, partly because the prolonged search for a European country prepared to accept the under-tow, disabled container ship meant its investigators couldn't start work in earnest until 2 months after the accident.

The latest accident took place in the Indian Ocean shortly after the container ship MSC Flaminia had been cleared to enter dry-dock for repairs to the damage, which was caused by the fire that began in containers onboard and by the subsequent explosion when the container vessel was crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Two of the crew members died from severe burns, while a 3rd has been presumed dead. Two others sustained serious injuries.

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