An engine with low-speed facilities is in phase of factory acceptance

By Vessels

Engine manufacturer Wärtsilä stated that its new Wärtsilä X35 electronically controlled low-speed engine, successfully passed in phase of factory acceptance (FAT).
In successfully passing its factory acceptance test in Europe and China, the Wärtsilä X35 engine is now ready for market introduction
The tests of the 2 engines took place in February 2012 at the 3.MAJ Engines & Cranes company facilities in Croatia and the Yuchai Marine Power Co., Ltd. (YCMP) factory in China.
The six-cylinder Wärtsilä X35 underwent a detailed testing and validation programme. The measures included stresses, strains, temperatures and vibrations in the engine structure, running gears and combustion chamber components, together with pressures and temperatures in the engine processes, as well as fuel consumption, exhaust gas emissions and smoke.

The Wärtsilä X35 is a new Wärtsilä engine that, both with the Wärtsilä X40, will cover the small-bore end of the market. The engines are going to be used for smaller bulk carriers, product tankers and container feeder vessels.