Havila Kystruten has selected a shipyard – triggers billion contract for Havyard

Tersan and Barreras will build Havila Kystruten's four vessels, while Havyard Design & Solutions will deliver the ship design and an extensive equipment package for all the vessels.

Tersan and Barreras to build Havila Kystruten's four vessels; Havyard Design & Solutions will deliver the ship design

‘I am delighted to announce that the last obstacles to the building contracts have now been removed, thereby securing delivery in the third and fourth quarter 2020,’ says CEO of Havila Kystruten Arild Myrvoll.

CEO Geir Johan Bakke of Havyard Group says that this contract is a milestone.

‘This is a record contract for Havyard Design & Solutions that will help to consolidate our position as a world-class maritime technology group with broad expertise in many segments,’ says CEO Bakke.

The work is well underway

Havyard Design & Solutions has been working on the design for some time, and the steel class drawings have already been completed, which means that the steel cutting begins already before the turn of the year.

Both Havyard Group companies and other Norwegian equipment suppliers will deliver equipment for the package, and the contract will have ripple effects in the Norwegian maritime cluster.

Design Manager Arve Helsem Leine of Havyard Design & Solutions comments: ‘The close collaboration between the customer and the companies in the maritime cluster has enabled a design and equipment package to be put together that really delivers on the qualities the customer was looking for.’

Gisle Vinjevoll Thrane, Senior Vice President Sales at Havyard Design & Solutions, agrees. He is pleased to have entered yet another segment.

‘Our and our partners’ expertise, experience and tools enable us to take on more and more new challenges from our good demanding customers,’ says Gisle Vinjevoll Thrane.

Source: Havyard