Sunken ship 'Baltic Ace' to be Salvaged

By Vessels

There are plans of Rijkswaterstaat for salvaging the sunken cargo vessel "Baltic Ace" from its final location on the busy North Sea traffic route near the Port of Rotterdam.

The wreck is an obstacle for the safety of the sea traffic. The salvage operation is expected to begin in 2014. Rijkswaterstaat (part of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) is making a research to find the best way to remove safely the vessel and the cargo.

It is known that there are 540,000 litres of oil in the car carrier "Baltic Ace" and that makes the salvage operation difficult, there are some risks for the environment.

The story:
"Baltic Ace" and "Corvus J" collided on 5 December 2012 off the Dutch coast.

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