Tanker transporting 102 migrants from Africa stopped at Malta

By Curious
Malta has problems with migrants coming from North Africa, the influx of people seeking better life in Europe seriously trouble the European Union country. The country has one of the largest European ports - Malta freeport. Huge investments are done for improving infrastructure and equipment.

102 migrants wanted to enter Malta with tanker, but authorities of Malta denied access. According to statistics for the last month more than 1000 migrants arrived. The Mediterranean country seeks help from the European Union.

The information is that a Liberian-registered tanker with 102 African migrants on board probably from Libya (people boarded the vessel 45 NM off the Libyan coast) tried to enter Malta but was intercepted by a Maltese ship outside territorial waters of Malta.

The migrants are safe and there is no danger for them. Probably these people are refugees seeking for help. The migrant threat really bothers Malta. The summer time often is the time when boats transporting migrants from Africa are trying to reach European borders. Many of them arrive in Malta or at the Italian island of Lampedusa, with the idea to gain access to other parts of the European Union far away from their own country.

European Union is not helping one of its members, Malta was fined several times "for not respecting human rights". The EU member is facing huge lost for paying to migrants, for violating their human rights, for offering money to migrants to leave the country.
The Mediterranean country is the smallest member of the European Union with population around 400,000.