Ocean Network Express (ONE) is honoured to receive the Silver Award for best brand experience at Customer Experience Asia Summit 2018, held at Marina Bay Sands on 26th September.

ONE Receives Silver Award for Best Brand Experience at CX Asia Summit 2018

This award recognises the organisation that demonstrates innovative and consumer-centric marketing strategies contributing to improved brand relationships. This is the first to win in the shipping industry. ONE’s achievement for Silver Award best brand experience is evaluated based on consideration of the comprehensive global marketing communication strategies being developed and expanded internally and externally at a global scale as brand-new company.

Additionally, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities such as free transportation of donated items like ambulances, to required countries were considered as one of the evaluated points. ONE also actively participates and collaborates with venture company in innovation events such as Innovfest Unbound. Through such event, innovative ideas were exchanged to develop solutions in overcoming various challenges ahead.

ONE recognises that participation for these activities falls within ONE’s aims and values in terms of brand establishment, which would lead to further development of the entire shipping industry. We continuously work towards placing ourselves to be in the position to lead the industry by overcoming challenges with the stance of “big enough to survive, small enough to care”.

Source: ONE