All the 102 migrants go to Italy after Malta Refused

By Curious
Italian government agreed on Tuesday night to take all the 102 migrants stranded on a tanker ship in the Mediterranean after Malta refused to allow them entry for 3 days.

The 102 migrants were saved from a vessel 24 nautical miles off the Libyan coast on Sunday night by the Liberian-registered tanker ship Salamis. The tanker vessel then headed to Malta but was refused entry to Maltese water by the government of Malta. The 102 migrants on the tanker ship Salamis are mainly from north Africa.

The Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat resisted calls by the European Union to let the migrants in Malta, claiming that they weren't in distress. He also added that the captain of the tanker had ignored orders by the Italian and Maltese rescue officials to send the vessel back to Libya.

Early on Wednesday, the government of Malta stated that Italy had agreed to take the migrants and the tanker ship would head for Syracuse in Sicily. Joseph Muscat thanked Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta for the decision saying it would “further reinforce good relations among the 2 countries.”

Background information
Malta has problems with migrants coming from North Africa, the influx of people seeking better life in Europe seriously trouble the European Union country. The country has one of the largest European ports - Malta freeport. Huge investments are done for improving infrastructure and equipment.

102 migrants wanted to enter Malta with tanker, but authorities of Malta denied access. According to statistics for the last month more than 1000 migrants arrived. The Mediterranean country seeks help from the European Union.

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