West Africa struggles to find naval forces and shipboard guards to stop piracy

By Piracy

The Gulf of Guinea became the latest dangerous place for passing vessels. West African pirates proved with recent violent attacks in the area that they had found nice place to hide and ambush.
A good way fighting the disease is the deployment of international navies and private armed guards.

10% of the world's crude oil is shipped in West Africa for the last year, for that reason the threat for vessels sailing in the region is growing. The Gulf of Guinea 30 crew was kidnapped.

West Africa attracts global oil companies even those seeking to reduce U.S. dependence on Middle East crude. Let us not forget that the United States of America is the world's biggest oil consumer. Recently new oil reserves were found in the Gulf of Guinea. Mostly Angola and Nigeria supply U.S. with 15% of oil.
The only OPEC member in West Africa is Nigeria.

The Gulf of Guinea needs more international naval forces to protect shipping routes in the region.