The EU Navy Guardians catched High Seas Pirate Action Group

By Piracy

Boarding patrols caught pirates.
EU Counter Piracy Naval Forces (EUNAVFOR) have tracked down and caught a group of suspected pirates who were believed to have tried to attack a Hong-Kong flagged tanker approximately four-hundred nautical miles off the coast of Somalia.
European Naval Forces war-ship FS Aconit was warned to investigate after the tanker came under attack on 26-March-2012. Aconit was sent onto the fleeing pirates by a Luxembourgish Naval Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft (MPRA), which have recently completed 3500 Flights Hours with EUNAVFOR.
The MPRA quickly located the suspects who were salvaging a small skiff behind a wider sea going whaler. The MPRA provided imagery showing pirate paraphernalia.
In order to conceal the evidence of their piracy activities, it is believed that the Somalian pirates had cut loose and had sunk the smaller skiff, containing weapons, ladders and a certain amount of fuel.
Aconit’s helicopter caught and stopped the whaler, which had ten suspected pirates onboard, by firing warning shots on 27-March-2012. A team from Aconit boarded the whaler and the suspects have been transferred on board the frigate. Two pirates received medical care by the Aconit’s medical service.
As no pirate paraphernalia was recovered the crew members of the Whaler were sent back to the Somali coast with only enough water and fuel for a one-way journey.
The French Navy frigate Aconit’s intermediation made it possible to hamper the activity of a total pirate action group, thus preventing them from committing new attacks in the area.