India launched its first naval craft

By Curious

 India showed its first designed and indigenously-built aircraft yesterday. The estimated price of the project is about $5 billion. The name of the ship is INS Vikrant and will be ready to serve the country in 2018.
With this project India will become the 5th nation, together with China, Britain, France, Russia and the United States to have designed and built its own aircraft carrier.
According to the Defence Minister A.K. Antony the ship with the grey hull is a great milestone in the history of the country. It is expected vessel to be equipped with weaponry and machinery and then tested over the next 4 years. The services of the vessel will be used in the Indian Ocean.

The Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh explained that the project is very important for the nation:
"All these are power projection platforms, to project India’s power as an extension of its diplomacy".
The country is investing a lot of money for upgrading its defences. Most of the military equipment is from the Soviet-era.
There were many failures in the country's history of developing its own aircraft and other land-based weaponry and for that reason the nation become dependent on imports.

The project INS Vikrant had a lot of problems and was 2 years behind schedule. The competition with regional countries like China is key to success. India is far behind in the domain of defence compared to China. Beijing had first carrier from Ukraine and is planning to construct or acquire a bigger ship in the future.

The only one aircraft owned by India and that is operational is a 60-year-old British vessel acquired by India in 1987 and renamed INS Viraat. Obviously this carrier is too old for any operations. Russia is will give a 3rd aircraft carrier — INS Vikramaditya — later this, year after a bitter row over the refurbished Soviet-era warship caused by rising costs and delays.