10 tonnes oil leak from the grounded cargo vessel in Knysna

By Accidents

The bulk carrier ship Kiani Satu, which was carrying 330 tonnes of heavy fuel oil and 15,000 tonnes of rice, ran aground in heavy seas west of the Goukamma River estuary, off Buffels Bay, Knysna on Thursday due to mechanical issues aboard.

The grounding damaged the bulk carrier's tanks and lead to oil leak.

All nineteen seafarers onboard the Kiani Satu were evacuated off the ship by NSRI Knysna and NSRI Wilderness sea rescue vessels.

It's estimated that more than 10 tonnes of oil have already leaked into the sea. Due to technical issued of the vessel, efforts to tow the ship off the shore have been stalled.

Background information for the Kiani Satu accident:

“All crew members who aboard the vessel were Ukranian and Filipino nationals, and are now handed into the care of Police Sea Borderline and they are going to be transferred to Mossel Bay for visa control processing and accommodated,” stated Graeme Harding, NSRI Knysna station commander.

“The bulk carrier had washed side on to the shore during the early morning and came to rest hard aground after her anchor dragged and the tug vessel wasn't able to hold her off against rough sea swells of 5-meters and strong gusting to 45 knots onshore winds. The decision was taken by the vessels Captain to leave the vessel and the safest method was to deploy the helicopter and hoist the crew members off the bulk carrier while our NSRI rescue vessels stood by to assist if necessary.”

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