2 workers Died During Scrapping of Pacific Princess

By Accidents

The destruction of one of the most famous cruise vessels, the former Pacific Princess – also known as the Love Boat – has started on a catastrophic note.

According to Turkish News 2 workers at the Izmir-based scrapyard where the Pacific Princess cruise ship arrived late last week for dismantling died from toxic gas in its engine room.

The MS Pacific cruise ship, as it's now named, arrived at the scrapyard in Turkey on Wednesday after "wasting away" at an Italian dock for a few years. The famed cruise ship’s journey to the scrapyard was difficult due to rough weather conditions – causing damage to the cruise liner, allowing water to fill the engine room.

A total of 10 workers entered the engine room where they encountered the poisonous toxic smoke released from a plumbing fixture’s exhaust pipe, while they were trying to drain the water. The survived 8 other workers were transported in a nearby hospital and released in good condition on Sunday.

An investigation on the accident has been launched into the death of the 2 workers that reportedly died of smoke inhalation. Before the investigation starts, necessary gas measurements is going to be done, and gas and water in the cruise liner is scheduled to be removed.

The nearly 20,000-ton cruise liner is being recycled for its metal and parts.

The cruise ship last sailed for Spanish-based Quail Cruises. The Izmir Ship Recycling Co. recently acquired the ship for 2,5 million EUR.