Somali pirates kidnapped 32 indians

By Piracy

Asphalt Venture was captured on Sept 28, 2010 in the Somali Basin and after intervention from anti-piracy forces, was freed from the pirates' captivity on Apr 15, 2011. Despite, bandits took hostage of about 15 of the ship's crew wanting more ransom.
According to the information, of the 8 vessels that were kidnapped by pirates, Panama-flagged MV Iceberg-1 with 22 people onboard would be completing 2 years in the pirates' captivity on Thursday.
The facts further declared that besides Iceberg, MV Albedo (Malaysia-flag), MV Orna (Panama-flag), MV Liquid Velvet (Marshall Islands-flag), MV Enrico Ievoli (Italy-flag), MV Free Goddess (Liberia-flag), MV Leila (Panama-flag), MV Royal Grace (Panama-flag) and MV Eglantinee (Bolivia-flag) were the other ships held by the pirates.