SeaBird Exploration has received another 30-day extension for the Osprey Explorer, currently working on an OBN survey in the US Gulf of Mexico that was announced on 25 June 2018 and commenced in late August.

SeaBird Exploration receives another 30 day extension for the Osprey Explorer work in US Gulf of Mexico
Caption: Research vessel Osprey Explorer - Image courtesy of Helmut Ivers

The extension is in accordance with the contract and brings the firm period of the contract to a total of 120 days. The company is using the Osprey Explorer for the work.

In addition, the company has started a multi-client 2D survey with a duration of approximately two weeks in North-West Europe, which is to be acquired in November. The multi-client survey is pre-funded and approximately cash neutral. The company is using the Harrier Explorer for the survey.   

Source: SeaBird Exploration