Indian Submarine EXPLOSION Update: 3 Bodies of 18 trapped sailors found

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Naval divers on Friday found bodies of 3 naval crew members from ill-fated submarine INS Sindhurakshak, which exploded and sank at the Mumbai dockyard early Wednesday on August 14, 2013.

"3 bodies have been recovered from the submarine by our divers but their identity hasn't yet been ascertained," navy sources announced.

There were eighteen crew members of the submarine, including 3 officers that had got trapped inside the 2,300 tonne Russian-made submarine and all are feared dead. The Indian navy had on Thursday released the names of the 3 officers and 15 seafarers that were in the 16-year-old war submarine. The 3 officers are Lieutenant Commanders Nikhilesh Pal, Alok Kumar and R Venkitaraj.

The sailors that stuck inside the Kilo class submarine are Sanjeev Kumar, KC Upadhya, Timothy Sinha, Kewal Singh, Sunil Kumar Dasari Prasad, Liju Lawrence, Rajesh Tootika, Amit K Singh, Atul Sharma, Vikas E Naruttam Deuri, Malay Haldar, Vishnu V and Seetaram Badapalli. The diving actions have been hampered by poor visibility inside the submarine that is filled with water, extremely restricted access and displacement of most equipment from their original position.

The Indian navy is also planning to look for help from a Dutch company to salvage the sunken submarine.

In one of the worst disasters to have struck the Indian navy, a series of explosions rocked INS Sindhurakshakat the Mumbai dockyard sinking it partially in the shallow sea.

"We are deeply pained that we lost the vessel, INS Sindurakshakin. Eighteen brave seafarers are feared to have lost their lives," Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told on Thursday in his Independence Day speech.

"The incident is all the more painful because the navy recently achieved 2 major successes in the form of its 1st nuclear submarine, INS Arihantand the aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant," he told.

According to information from the Indian navy, the heat of the explosion has melted parts of the internal hull deforming the submarine hatches and has prevented access to the compartments.

Heavy duty pumps are being used to pump out the water from the submarine, it said, adding there has been large scale ingress of sea water into the submarine due to the explosion.

Navy chief Admiral D K Joshi that went to Mumbai on Wednesday, did not ruled out the possibility of sabotage but told that the indicators so far did not support such a theory. He also indicated that there was little hope of survival of 18 people aboard the submarine.

Defence Minister A K Antony had also visited Mumbai on Wednesday.


Background information for the exploded Indian submarine
Eighteen Indian seamen were trapped and some killed after an explosion and a fire on a diesel-powered submarine berthed at the naval dockyard here early on Wednesday.

The blast and fire on the Indian submarine INS Sindhurakshak — a kilo class submarine, which had undergone a major refit at Russia’s Zvezdochka shipyard — is Indian Navy’s worst-ever tragedy.

Defence minister AK Antony said crew members inside the exploded Indian submarineINS Sindhurakshak had died. “I am saddened at the loss of life of naval personnel in the service of the country,” said Antony. He gave no details.

Among the eighteen trapped submariners are 3 officers. Those injured because of the explosion were taken to INHS Ashwini hospital where they are undergoing treatment.

“There are some people who are trapped on board, we are in the process of trying to rescue them,” said navy spokesman PVS Satish. “We will not give up until we get to them.”

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