Russian Ship Captain Pleads Guilty After Deadly Collision

By Accidents

Captain of the Russian passenger vessel, which collided with a barge on a Russian river, killing 8 people and injuring 47 others, has pleaded guilty to negligence.

The 51-year-old captain, Yury Ratko, confessed in court on 19th of August, 2013 that he had consumed alcohol a day before the tragedy, in breach of regulations.

He was instantly arrested and transferred to a pretrial detention center.

The collision occurred on 17th of August on the Irtysh River, near the city of Omsk in western Siberia.

The passenger vessel was an express ferry ship to a local monastery popular with Orthodox Christians from Siberia and northern areas of neighboring Kazakhstan.

Local authorities in Omsk Oblast stated that 21st of August would be a day of mourning.

Background information for the collision:

Russian media reported that a passenger vessel with at least 56 passengers onboard has collided with a barge vessel in Siberia on Saturday, taking the life of 8 people and injuring 47, including 8 kids.

According to the press release the collision occurred on the River Irtysh in the Omsk Area in southwestern Siberia just before 11 am. Moscow time on 17th of August, 2013. Regional police reported that the captain of the passenger vessel Polesye-8, was detained and that alcohol was found in his blood.

"8 are the victims and 47 are injured," the regional police announced in a statement.

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