100 of 105 rescued after boat sinks in Indian Ocean

By Accidents

It is believed that 5 passengers have drowned after a boat with more than 100 asylum seekers sank in the Indian Ocean.
The incident happened 220 kilometers north of Christmas Island, where Australia has a detention camp for asylum seekers. Australia sent navy ship to the location of the tragedy to find a submerged boat and people in the water. Almost all of the passengers have been rescued but it is known that 5 are missing. The search was called off.

Christmas Island is known for asylum seekers who start their voyage at Indonesian ports seeking better life. Smugglers are paid to transport them to Australian shores. Last years there are many cases when people perish while trying to reach Australia.

Australian government decided recently that will not accept asylum seekers who arrive by boat in order to stop these risky voyages. Some of the refugees are sent in Papua New Guinea or the tiny Pacific island nation of Nauru.

13 countries discussed how to cooperate on the asylum seeker problem and looking ways to stop smugglers. The final decision was to review visa policies, enhance coordination and exchange information to deny entry and cancel the visas of smugglers and traffickers.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa informed:
"We are taking every possible step we can to disrupt their networks, and make those who are responsible accountable for their actions,"

Representatives from Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand attended the meeting.