Cargo vessel Runs Aground off Dublin coast

By Accidents

A cargo vessel MV Cielo di San Francisco ran aground on a sandbank off Ireland’s coast, near Dublin, on Tuesday morning.

The MV Cielo di San Francisco was en route to Dublin carrying containers of animal feed when it hit the sandbank among the Kish Bank and Bray at about 9:30 a.m. The Kish Bank is almost 11 kilometers off the coast, according to the Irish Times.

There were 21 crew members on board the cargo ship at the time of the grounding; no injuries have been reported.

The Irish Coast Guard dispatched a helicopter to research the scene, but it's not believed any damage was done to the Liberian-flagged cargo vessel.

A tow is being arranged for the bulk carrier. Alternatively, an attempt is going to be made to float the cargo vessel at high tide.

Ireland’s Marine Casualty Investigation Board confirmed that they are hoping to carry out an investigation as soon as possible.

The grounded ship MV Cielo di San Francisco is a bulk carrier constructed in 2011 and owned by d'Amico Dry Limited, Ireland.