Nigerian Navy kills 12 pirates

By Piracy

Nigerian Navy informed that 12 suspected pirates were killed in the middle of a rescue operation of a hijacked oil vessel in the Niger Delta region.
The location of the action was in the area of the Niger Delta region. MT NOTRE was transporting 17,000 Metric Tons of Petrol Motor Spirit (PMS) when suspected pirates attacked in the in the Gulf of Guinea 6 days ago.

According to military reports 8 Nigerian Navy vessels were after the hijacked ship. 2 more vessels NNS Andoni and NNS Ikot Abasi were warned for the rescue operation. There were 16 suspected pirates on board.

Rear Admiral Sidi-Ali Hassan said about MT Norte and the rescue operation:
"An agreed drop point was reached but the suspected militants refused to disembark as earlier agreed, obviously playing for time and darkness to set in.
They finally agreed to disembark from MT Norte at 2045hrs on 17th of August, 2013 on condition that only one Naval vessel would remain in the vicinity of the MT Norte."

When finally MT Norte was forced to disembark, the suspected pirate left the vessel, took crew members as hostages and make an effort to escape through the coastline but the naval formation in Badagry pursued the boat as the pirates engaged NNS Badagry in a gun battle.

The pirates did not have chance to win and after 30 minutes of gunfire lost. 4 of them were not injured but the rest 12 perished in the battle. Captured suspected pirates that were detained cooperated for the Navy investigation.