Infrastructure ordered by Obama to help US ports

By Finance

President Barack Obama has signed an order that have to aid expedite the permitting and review process for US government infrastructure projects, which will directly help US ports.
The Port Authority of New Jersey and New York was quick off the mark in pushing its related infrastructure works through the process with a request that the Bayonne Bridge ‘Raise the Roadway’ project be regarded for expedited review.
PANYNJ has invested $1billion to the project to increase the navigational clearance of the Bayonne Bridge from 151 feet to 215 feet, to give the possibility post-panamax vessels to access the area in time for the completed expansion of the Panama Canal.
Important part of the plan requires that nationally and regionally significant projects be tracked on a public Federal Infrastructure Projects Dashboard, with Federal agencies obliged to send to the Chief Performance Officer a list of nationally and regionally important infrastructure projects to be publically tracked on the dashboard by April 30.