11 Malaysian fishermen abducted by gunmen from the Philippines

By Accidents
11 Malaysian fishermen were attacked and abducted near the Sipadan island by gunmen from the Philippines. The location of the crime is world scuba diving destination.

The incident provoked questions about the security problems in the region. Earlier this year the coast of the Malaysian state of Sabah on Borneo island, was wracked by a bloody incursion by Islamist guerrillas from the adjacent southern Philippines.

The attackers of the fishermen are believed to be 11 armed men, bandits or smugglers from the Philippines according to the oversees police and and army security in eastern Sabah.
The southern part of the country has problems for some years.

What for fishermen were abducted?
For the moment  there is no answer. The attackers used shotguns and pistols and ordered a Malaysian fisherman to lead them to Mabul island known for its resorts and international tourists.

The military outpost on Mabul frightened the abductors and they turned back towards the Philippines.

In 2000, armed Philippine gunmen took 21 hostages at Sipadan, including 10 tourists from Europe and the Middle East.

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