2 Crew Members Die after Inhaling Toxic Gas

By Accidents
Two shipping company crew members died when they breathed toxic gas while unloading pine logs from the hold of a ship at the Tuticorin port. The merchant cargo vessel, Amyntor, was anchored at the port to unload the wooden logs from New Zealand.

Victor Mohan and Jhobian had headed off to the hold of Amyntor cargo ship to check the amount of logs that remained to be unloaded when they inhaled the toxic gas and died. According to information from Times of India, Victor Mohan, who had been cashier in the shipping company, went onboard the cargo vessel to check if all the relegations implied for the company were unloaded from the deck, however didn't make it to return.

At approximately 2 p.m., one other crew member, Jobai, 49-year-old, went in pursuit of him and fell on the dock in the wake of breathing the suffred toxic gas and endured head injury. One of other seafarers onboard, was taking after Jobai had a close escape after he understood the danger of toxic gas and left the deck. The crew member afterwards alerted the maritime authorities and fire and rescue personnel in Tuticorin port. The 2 of them were carried out from the deck and were raced to the government hospital where they were claimed as brought dead.

The poisonous toxic gas had formed because the pine logs fumigation.