Over the next three years, the Esvagt Bergen and the Esvagt Stavanger will be servicing Equinor in the southern part of the Norwegian sector.

Equinor and ESVAGT prolong their cooperation

Eight years of mutual trust and cooperation are about to be extended, as Equinor and ESVAGT add a minimum of three years to their cooperation in the southern part of the Norwegian sector.

Here, the ‘Esvagt Bergen’ and her sister vessel the ‘Esvagt Stavanger’ have, since 2011 and since 2012 respectively, provided standby duties for Equinor, and both parties wish to prolong their cooperation, thereby modifying the contracts’ end date to 2022.

‘We are delighted to continue the mutual cooperation that we have had with Equinor and the trust that it demonstrates. The two vessels have allowed us to firmly establish our presence in the Norwegian market, and we look forward to build upon that’, says Ib Hansen, Head of Commercial at ESVAGT.

ESVAGT will carry on with tasks such as standby duties, supply duties, oil spill response, and firefighting. These tasks impose certain expectations on the crew and on the equipment. Both the ‘Esvagt Bergen’ and the ‘Esvagt Stavanger’ are built in a way that enables them to speed up, even in rough weather, and they can hereby cover an area of a considerable size, and both vessels also have daughter crafts on board, which widens the possible outreach.

‘Equinor is a significant player who challenges us and makes us better. Equinor has high expectations to for instance quality, safety and environmental considerations – these are demands that help us develop and sharpen our competences’, says Ole Ditlev Nielsen, Business Development Manager at ESVAGT.

Source: Esvagt