Russian naval presence in the eastern Arctic

By Curious

A naval task force from Russia’s Northern Fleet is going to the eastern Arctic. The heavy nuclear-powered guided-missile cruiser Petr Velikiy is leading the "parade". The fleet is presented also by the large amphibious assault vessels Olenegorsky Gornyak and Kondopoga and a variety of support ships.

The naval task force was in Severomorsk base and is heading to the Barents Sea and then will continue through the Northern Sea Route to to the Novossibirsk Islands for training operations.

Russia is preparing to become leader of the Northern Sea Route. The eastern Arctic will be in future an important location for resources and sea trade. Global warming is helping the route to become navigable. Russia has interest to restore its naval presence in important sea regions.

The training operation of the naval task force is planned of the Russian Defense Ministry to strengthen security in the area and to ensure national interests.