Crew Chatting about Halle Berry as Catwoman lead to Skipper's Death

By Accidents

Master and his first mate of the British ferry ship Condor Vitesse, which smashed a fishing vessel and killed its skipper on March 28, 2011 were sentenced to manslaughter by a French court today (September 11, 2013).

Both crew members obtained suspended sentences, which completely upset the widow of the dead fisherman.

Yves Tournon, 48-year-old first mate, handed twelve months suspended sentence and former Captain Paul Le Romancer, 59-year-old, handed eighteen months suspended sentence by the court in the Normandy town of Coutances.

The Britain's Condor Ferries owned, ferry ship Condor Vitesse had been sailing in high speed in thick fog when hit and sliced the 30 ft fishing vessel in two, sending all her 3 crew members into the water. Philippe Claude Lesaulnier, 42-year-old, captain of the fishing vessel was killed in the accident.

Based on the provided evidence from the maritime authority of France's BEA, first mate Yves Tournon and Captain Paul Le Romancer had been forgetful before the collision between both vessels. Minutes before the fatal collision for the dead fisherman with the whelk fishing boat Les Marquises, the catamaran's master said to colleague:

- 'Yesterday evening I watched Catwoman on the TV. I'm an idiot because after that I slept very badly.'

- 'Catwoman?' the first officer replied.

- 'She was jumping from everywhere like a cat. She is very beautiful. She was wearing sexy outfit,' the master said:

Furthermore, the master of the ferry vessel and the first mate didn't turn on the fog horn of the vessel and also deactivated the anti-collision system of the catamaran.

The fatal accident occurred between the French port of Saint Malo and the island of Jersey - in the English Channel.

The other 2 crew members of the fishing vessel were rescued and were in good condition.

The sentence of the ferry's captain and the first mate was unacceptable, told the victim's wife Delphine Lesaulnier.

"This is ridiculous, it's nothing at all," she said. "It's like you can kill someone, destroy a family and nothing happens."