3 Dead after Canadian Coast Guard Helicopter Crash

By Accidents

An investigation has been launched for an accident of a Canadian Coast Guard's helicopter (CCG), announced the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB). Three men died in the fatal accident of the Coast Guard helicopter into the Arctic Ocean.

The crashed Canadian helicopter, which was on a mission for reconnaissance in the time of the accident, was traveling with with a Canadian coast guard icebreaker vessel Amundsen. The crashed coast guard helicopter that was owned by Transport Canada smashed down off the coast of Banks Island, in the M'Clure Strait, on September 9, 2013.

Victims of tha accident were the pilot of the Canadian helicopter, the commanding officer of the icebreaker CCGC Amundsen and an Arctic scientist from the Manitoba University. According to the released information from Transportation Safety Board of Canada, the coast guard authorities are currently investigating the crash of the helicopter.

Weather conditions in the zone of the accident were "clear, with a very good visibility," said a spokesman of the Canadian Coast Guard.

First who responded to the fatal crash were the crew members of the Canadian icebreaker Amundsen. They found the bodies of the 3 victims that were all wearing standard issue orange survival suits.

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