1,022 years Sentence for 6 Somali pirates

By Piracy
Six pirates from Somalia have attempted to hijack a tuna-fishing vessel and kidnap its crew members, 11 months ago from the Basque Country. All the Somalis were caught and jailed by the National Court of Spain.

The fishing vessel Izurdia was targeted by the armed Somali pirates on 10th of October, 2012 while the fishing boat was in the Indian Ocean, around 350 nautical miles off the Somali coast in East Africa. 

Armed men of the Somali vessel tried to hijack the tuna-fishing boat but everybody excluding the captain of the fishing vessel and the operations chief went to the control room while the onboard security guards followed their safety procedures and raised the security barrier around the boat.

The tuna-fishing ship Izurdia was chased for about half an hour but the security team onboard instantly responded to the gun shots of the Somali pirates and eventually the attackers fled the scene.

Later on, a Dutch NATO warship was dispatched to fight with the Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. The NATO warship found the Somali attackers on the next day and dispatched 2 helicopters, which let off 3 warning shots against them. 

The Somali pirates did not initially stop in accordance with the Dutch NATO warship order, which in itself is illegal. The Somali pirates were forced to surrender and were finally captured and their arms were confiscated.

Raageggesey Hassan Aji and Cabdiweli Cabdullahi ('Abdu Willy') were sentenced to 36 years prsion each for an analogous accident in 2009 and for the attempt to abduct last autumn, Abdi Ali Salad, Adane Yusuf Ali, ahye Omar Ali Hassan, Abdilahi Ise Jama, Ali Mahamed Hirsi and Ali Mahammed Ali have been sentenced to 1,122 years in total, even though in practice, they are probably going to serve a maximum of 40 years prison each.