Maersk Line included in the "Export Canon" list of 30 Inspiring Companies

By Curious
Company of the biggest international container carrier Maersk Line has been included by the Business and Growth Ministry of Denmark in an exclusive list of 30 companies, which aims to inspire other companies to look globally.

With annual exports of $175 billion (56 per cent of the Dannish GDP), Denmark ranks to the laargest economies worldwide.

The list with included 30 companies "Export Canon," was authorized by the Danish Ministry of Growth and Business in order to secure the future prosperity of the Denmark.

All the 30 companies in the "Export Canon" list are divided into 8 categories, initially selected from 300 nominees. The company of Maersk Line, as the biggest international shipping carrier was included in the "born global" category as a main sample of globalisation.

Mindset and Global strategy

Since 1904, the Danish container carrier, Maersk Line has "enlarged its shipping ideas from its base in the Danish headquarters, but also through a high degree of delegation to its workers abroad, adapted for a global reality," according to the report.

“A global strategy and a global mindset, inherited from the founder, contribute greatly to explaining how the shipping line has succeeded through the years in adapting to new global trade patterns and keeping competitors abreast; thus, achieving a status as the world’s largest container shipping line with a global market share of 14.5%.”

Strategy of the biggest shipping carrier Maersk Line of being apart of the shipping industry worldwide, its responsibility and traditions and its talent development focus, was highlighted in the report. Furthermore, Maersk Line is employing 80,000 workers in Denmark, being responsible for 24 per cent of the Danish exports, consequently highlighted as a "standard-bearer" in the maritime cluster.

Which is the successful formula for company growth

Morten H. Engelstoft, who is the Chief Operating Officer was awarded with the honour on behalf of Maersk Line on September 4th, at the launch of the “Export Canon” list of 30 companies. Mr. Engelstoft appreciates the honorary recognition for contribution of the biggest shipping carrier Maersk Line to Danish commerce and export.

“I am proud of the recognition that Maersk Line has an important role to play in this country, as well as abroad,” says Morten. “We are happy to honour Denmark’s centuries-old maritime heritage by empowering trade, not only in Northern Europe but in the whole world. In Maersk Line we are indeed ‘born global’, and the vision and values instilled by our founder have proven a successful formula for creating opportunities across the globe.”