In US Somali pirate sentenced to life

By Accidents

A Somali pirate has received a life sentence for his role in a hijacking that caused the death of four Americans.
Saeed Abdi Fooley pleaded guilty to piracy which serves a mandatory life sentence. Fooley and ten other sailors have pleaded guilty to piracy after kidnapping Jean and Scott Adam's yacht a year ago. 2 friends of the Adam's were also on the ship when it was hit by the pirates. After negotiations failed with the US Navy the 4 were killed by the pirates. 2 pirates were eliminated and 13 captured after the US forces went on the yacht.
US Navy kill by accident fishermen
An information by Somalia Report states that 2 fishermen were killed by the US Navy. The US navy killed the fishermen by mistaken according to Somalia Report.
It is announced the Minister of Fisheries Saeed Mohamed Rage, attacks on fishermen in Somali waters are commonplace. "We have had a lot of coastal families that have approached the government telling us that foreign navy forces have targeted fishermen frequently in Somali waters," said Minster Rage.