Biggest Ship in the World and Most Fuel-Efficient - Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller

By Vessels
Biggest ship in the world is the the Triple-E container carrier Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller. But has anybody asked the question, what actually goes into building the ultimate engine of commerce?

Big, people say, is awesome. But does this principle for cargo vessels applies to you, depends on the fact how much you like grease stains, winches and huge, smoke-belching funnels. But, awesome or not, the world's biggest ship Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller is a piece of engineering art.

With the length of 399-metres and 58-metres beam, which is equal to a 8-lane motorway, 80-metres in high, the world's biggest ship, Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller started its maiden sailing from port of Busan and she is currently en route to Singapore.

Currently, there is no vessel in the seas, which is able to carry so many containers in a journey. The world's largest ship has the amazing capacity of 18,000 TEUs, each 8ft. high, 8ft. wide and 20ft. long. There is enough space onboard the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller to carry on 111 million pairs of sport trainers or 36,000 cars. But the largest Triple-E ship of the biggest international shipping company Maersk Line, is not just going to benefit from the economies of scale but it is also going to save money on petrol, as the most fuel efficient vessel in the world.

Here are some highlights about what makes the 399-metre long container carrier state of the art:

Containers The biggest ship in the world, Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller is able to carry 18,000 TEUs. This space is quite enough to transport for instance 18,000,000 flatscreen TVs, 863,000,000 cans of baked beans or 182,000,000 iPads.
The engine The Triple-E ship is being moved by twins slow-turning engines and two 4-blade propellers, enough to secure the biggest ship in the world with better fuel efficiency and strong pushing power.
Emissions The world's biggest ship is driven by bunker fuel, just like all other container carriers, containing 3,5% sulphur. It's almost 3,500 times more than is permitted in car fuel in the EU.
Unloading Once the world's biggest ship Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller is docked, containers onboard can be removed with the great speed of 30 containers per hour.
Cargo The biggest Triple-E ship is able to carry up to 165k tons of cargo that could be worth as much as $1 billion.
Securing containers In order to avoid falling of containers overboard, there are special lashing bridges on the board of the world's largest ship Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller (criss-cross style steel structures), which provide additional stability of the containers. As is known, nowadays, between 2k and 10k containers are being felt into open ocean every year.
The hull Less know, the world's largest ship Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller has an untypical shape of the hull, which is in the shape of a bath tub, where can be stored 1,500 extra containers.
The beam The biggest ship in the world has a bulbous bow and she is the most fuel efficient ship all over the world.
The bow The world's biggest ship has a bulbous bow and she is the most fuel efficient ship all over the world.
The main purpose of the world's biggest ship is to plough the commercial route among the continents of Europe and Asia, that are bringing millions of manufactured products in Malaysia, China and Korea, just before returning back, rather lighter, with exports from the West.

Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller has been built to sail at avarage 16 knots - this the "super slow steaming" system, which is being expected to save the Danish shipping company approximately $1.2 million in fuel, just in one journey (from Shanghai to Rotterdam for instance). Impressive, isnt'it?

The biggest ship in the world is still going to emit egregious amounts of pollution - as is known, the cargo vessels worldwide, use a high-sulphur fuel form, which is being banned onland due to its cancerogenic functions, heart-disease and coastal erosion influence.

Contrary to the worldwide average norms of fuel consumption for such size of a vessels of 214 tons a day, the world's biggest ship is burning the slightly less-damaging 150 tons a day, which is the right direction are saying from the high levels Maersk Line's management. Furthermore to its fuel efficiency, the slow speed of Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller reduces carbon dioxide emissions, which is in safe of the environment.

Due to the fuel efficiency, carbon dioxide emissions, environmentally-friendly the company of Maersk Line, has scheduled to build 19 other enormous ships from the same Triple-E class, which will be dedicated to the Europe-Asia route.

The 3rd Triple-E ship's captain was already announced to be a Harley-Davidson fanatic, David Johnstone, from Wishaw, in Lanarkshire that has been skippering container vessels more than 20 years.

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