VIDEO: Scarabeo 5 Oil Rig Fire Drama

By Accidents
Saipem’s semi-submersible Scarabeo 5 oil rig burst in flames in the Keppel Verolme yard in the Netherlands today.

Two are the oil rig workers that sustained burn injuries and one other suffered from smoke inhalation, out of twelve that were onboard according to the initial reports on the fire on Scarabeo 5. Five of the oil rig workers are from the the Norwegian state-owned Statoil, which has chartered the offshore oil rig platform. The cause of the accident on the oil rig was gas leaking.

There is no information for missing oil rig workers, after the evacuation was completed, according to the Keppel's email sent to Offshore Energy Today:

“We can confirm that a fire broke out in a welder shop as a result of hot work on board the Scarabeo 5 semi at Keppel Verolme. The fire is under control and we understand there is one person with minor injuries.”

The damaged offshore oil rig platform was hire by Statoil, for repairs of all anchor winches, thrusters, various madofications and top drive, which was placed at the Keppel Verolme yard.
The Italian company owner Sapiem was supposed to seliver the damaged oil rig platform Scarabeo 5 to Statoil this month, but it seems uncertain due to fire onboard Scarabeo 5.