Мissing Cargo ship with 22 crew members on board

By Accidents

Shivam, a cargo ship with 22 crew members on board, has gone missing for the last eleven days.There are no statements of its whereabouts. Some of the crew members were from Porbandar and 18 from Jamnagar district, say sources.
“The ship was carrying 2,000 tonnes of sugar. On March 15 it left Mumbai and was expected to departure in Oman on March 25.
However, we have lost radio contact with the vessel from March 20 and since then have not heard anything from the crew members,” says Jitubhai Gohil, owner of the ‘Shivam’.
Meanwhile, sources from the fishing community believe that a severe dust storm on March 20 is the reason behind the extinct vessel. “The vessel may have lost its course during that time.
According to its route it might have been passing Pakistani waters and might have been captured by Pakistan Marines,” a source said on condition of anonymity.
However, the ship owner is confident of finding the ship. “It seems a bad weather would not have affected their journey. The sea was good for sailingWe have registered a complaint with Indian Coast Guards and have also stated the Indian Navy. We will soon hear from them,” says Gohil