Le Soleal, Stranded Brand New Cruise Ship Refloated

By Accidents
Compagnie Du Ponant released a statement relating its newest cruise ship Le Soleal on Sunday, 21st of September:

In a time while the newest cruise ship Le Soleal was passing along the Chukotka Province in Russia on 19th of September, 2013 at around 9 p.m., the bow of the cruise liner came into contact with a non-marked onto the shipping charts sand bank.

The newest French cruise ship Le Soleal was successfully released on the own steam on September 21st and resumed her journey on its own power. The stranded cruise ship Le Soleal was on 90 nautical miles by sea from the Provideniya port in Russia.

After investigation of the stranded cruise ship Le Soleal in its bowels and conducted underwater inspections of the cruise ship's hull instantly ruled out any risk for the passengers.

At no point was any danger for the passengers onboard the Le Soleal, neither for the crew members nor for the cruise ship.

Background of the Accident of stranded Le Soleal:

Newest cruise liner of the French Copaignie Du Ponant, Le Soleal stranded with 143 passengers onboard off the island of Arakmchechen, which is entrance to Bering Strait, Chukotka Peninsula. The stranded cruise ship Le Soleal did not even issue ant distress signal. The stranded Le Soleal cruise ship stuck fast but the captain of the grounded vessel planned to refloat her on own steam. There is no risk for anybody of the passengers, crew members or the cruise ship.