Opposing Waves System Integrated in Hotel-Ship

By Vessels
Opposing waves of particularly-built tanks fitted in the ship's hull will make the new vessel's concept easier to find one's sea legs. The vessel is planned to house staff that is going to work on offshore installations and is planned to secure best eligible comfort when moored adjacent to a platform.

The new vessel's concept is a great alternative for the commonly used semi-submersible platforms. The main idea for the new concept of a ship is to build a mobile maritime hotel, which will be able to transport maritime workers in several parts of the world and will be targeted to big oil companies.

Our job has been to give the ship characteristics which make it more comfortable to live on at sea,” stated Sverre Anders Alterskjær at MARINTEK.
The owner of the new concept of a hotel at sea will be the company of Ostensjo, projected by the company of SALT.
The opposing waves system, which is built to decrease the rolling effect of the ship is created by Hoppe Marine and later tested by Alterskjaer and his colleagues at MARINTEK.

The roll damping of the opposing waves system is accomplished by using tanks, which are integrated into the bottom and vessel's sides of the - named U-tanks due to their shape.

"The tanks of the ship are filled with water which is set in motion in opposing phase to the wave forces acting on the hull. The tanks are fitted with air valves at the top which partially control the water motion in the tanks.Valve opening can be adjusted depending on the ships roll period. The result is reduced rolling and improved comfort for those on board," explain Alterskjær.
The researchers from Alterskjaer have explored the optimal opening of the valves, situated at the top side of the U-tanks. Researchers have also investigated the optimal level of water, which is relative to the design of the vessel, as well as motion measurement of the vessel while sailing and in hotel mode.