Vroon acquired brand new livestock carrier

By Finance

Galloway Express is the new livestock carrier acquired by Vroon and it is part of a bigger delivery of 4 livestock carriers that will be built at Cosco Shipyard in Guangdong. The other vessels are expected to be ready by the end of 2013 and the beginning of the next year.

These livestock carriers are a new generation vessels and have cargo capacity of about 4,500 square meters (4000 head of cattle) and a sailing range for about 18,000 nautical miles.

Galloway Express and the others are with a special design for animal-welfare facilities even the vessels are exceeding the existing regulations with the innovative construction of the bow for more energy-saving but not losing the speed and the comfort for both the cargo and the crew members aboard.

Galloway Express is expected to sail soon and will start the first operation for 1 of the biggest Australian livestock exporters under a tailor-made charter agreement.

Background information:

Livestock Carrier - it is designed or transformed from cargo ship design for transport of sheep, goats, cattle. The animals are protected with strict regulations and sometimes are transported with other cargo aboard the livestock carrier. There are different designs and special ventilation regulations.

Livestock Express B.V., a Vroon Company with headquarters in Breskens, the Netherlands. The company is known for its rich experience in transportation around the world and the world's biggest independent seaborne livestock carrier. It is famous also with the special designed vessels and the good qualification of the crew.