Mathews Bridge Closed after Ship Hits It

By Accidents

A Navy transport vessel, which was being towed by tug vessels hit the Mathews Bridge in Jacksonville, FL, USA. The transport ship hit a steel support beem of the bridge and lead to bridge closure.

The Mathews Bridge will be closed indefinitely, stated the Sheriff's Office of Jacksonville on Thursday, Sep 26. This ridiculous accident confused the traffic around the bridge, on which cross over 50,000 cars everyday.

Assistant Chief Leonard Propper of the Jacksonville Sheriff Office told: "this accident is going to be the most considerable delay in the city in a long long time."

The damage seize of the Mathews Bridge will be assessed by the Transportation Department of Florida.

"The part of the bridge that gives the weight support for the traffic... was damaged," FDOT spokesman Michael Goldman said. "That means it can't hold the weight, it can't hold the traffic. That's why we had to shut the bridge down for safety reasons."

The vessel, which struck the Mathews Bridge was the sealift commad ship USNS Harry L. Martin. In the time of the accident the sealift vessel was bing towed from one part of North Florida Shipyards to another.    
Team of professionals of the Jacksonville's police department and from the USCG enforced a safety zone of 200-yards around both sides of Mathews Bridge, which efficiently closed a zone of St. Johns River.

The vessel that damaged the Mathews Bridge, USNS Harry L. Martin is a government owned and managed ship by Military Sealift Command. According to the Navy, the ship is operated by civilians. This isn't a US Navy warship or manned by U.S. seafarers, but a civilian-operated cargo vessel, which is owned by the U.S. Navy.