42 died, 100 missing after ferry split in two

By Accidents
Stormy weather lead to a new tragic accident on the Niger River. About 42 passengers died after ferry ship, they were sailing on, "split" in two in the Niger river and 100 other are still missing, reported emergency officials.

People onboard the capsized ferry ship were traders who were going to sell their goods on the weekly market at Malali village when the stormy weather surprised them, stated the spokesperson of the National Emergency Management Agency, Mr. Ibrahim Farinloye.

According to the statement of Mr. Farinloye, the exact number of passengers and crew members onboard the ferry ship is unclear but there are 42 victims and approximately 100 people still missing.

Currently, a team of mariners is conducting a search and rescue operation in the Niger river waters in order to find further bodies after the "worst" accident to the state in recent years.

Initial reports on the accident indicate that the ferry ship hit a large object, possibly a tree trunk that the vessel's pilot didn't see. It was also reported that there were heavy animal onboard the capsized ferry ship, which brings to mind that the ship could be overloaded.

The head of the State Emergency Management Agency, Mohammed Shaba blamed overloading as cause of the tragic accident, but he also mentioned that high water in the Niger river could have been a crucial factor, following the heavy weather condition in that area.

This is not a unusual weather for this time of the season in Nigeria and could brings wild storms that may lead to disasters in the country.