Syrian refugees rescued by Costa Pacifica

By Accidents
Last week, a boat of Syrian refugees was saved by a Costa Cruises' ship near Italy's coast.

About 120 refugees were rescued 60 miles south east of the cost of Calabria after Costa Pacifica received a SOS call and turned its direction.

The rescue operation was supported by a high speed Calabria Coast Guard patrol boat. They took on board several migrants, other 37 were sheltered and provided with food and water by the Costa Pacifica crew. All the Syrians, stated by Costa, were well.

The 37 refugees continued to travel on the board of Costa Pacifica on her initial direction, from Piraeus to Civitavecchia, till the time they were reached and transferred to a Coast Guard ship.

Costa Pacifica docked on 28.09 at 9.00 at Civitavecchia and stated that the operation of rescuing the refugees was in compliance with the Coast Guard instructions, everything went well and was secure.

This is not the first rescue operation of asylum seekers. On September 18, nearly a hundred Syrians, including a woman who was pregnant and gave birth to her child right after she went to a hospital,  were rescued with the help of Crown Princess.