New remains found at the Costa Concordia wreck site

By Accidents

Italian civil protection agency announced yesterday new remains were found at the site of the Costa Concordia catastrophe, near the island of Giglio.

This is the second discovery, after last week divers retrieved bones out of the water. Italian authorities haven't made any official statement  yet as both findings are to be DNA tested. Most probably however divers have found the two still missing bodies.

Costa Concordia tragedy happened on January the 13th, 2012 after captain Francesco Schettino took the ship too close to shore. About 4229 people from 70 countries were on Costa Concordia's board. The catastrophe cost the live of 32.

Before the operations began 30 bodies were found. Two bodies are still missing- Italian passenger Maria Grazia Tricarichi and crew member from India, Russel Rubello. Officer Gabrielli announced that seabed inspections are soon to be over and search operations inside the ship will take place as raising of the ship made possible examining parts of the vessel that could not be reached earlier.

The search of the missing bodies is of course of highest importance but Italian agency servants are also assigned to recover other items. Particularly safety deposit boxes and precious statues that are still awaited by their owners.